for setting up basic documentation centres for adult learning

The ALADIN Toolkit is ALADIN's response to member requests for assistance in managing information and setting-up documentation centres. We hope that it will prove useful to a wide range of new and existing adult learning libraries, documentation and resource centres. Its primary goal, however, is to assist adult learning organizations and community-based groups that are wishing to organize their information resources or to improve efficiency of existing information centres, and whose staff have limited or no training in information management.

Like a real toolbox it allows to find a tool needed for a particular task, and to adjust it to a specific project. The tools can be used in and adopted to a variety of information environments - from a fully automated and networked through a single, stand-alone computer, to a manual system. The recommended training manual presents solutions and alternatives suitable in different conditions and levels of organizational capacity.

The ALADIN Toolkit is a work in progress. To constantly improve its content, we encourage and look forward to members' comments, suggestions and contributions. We particularly invite organizations using it to set up new centres or to improve existing ones to share with us lessons learned during the process.